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Continuing with the Russian Far East.....The Primorye Krai Region
"Vladivostok".....The name reflects ambitions of the Governor General of Eastern Siberia and the Russian Far East, Count Nikolai Muraviov-Amursky, who realized in 1859 while on a charting expedition in the Sea of Japan that he had found the perfect location for a military outpost to defend the Eastern border of Russia.

Vladivostok's port is a natural inlet called by its people the "Golden Horn Bay" due to its resemblance to the Golden Horn in Istanbul, a natural crossroads for trading, a window to the East.

The first visitors from abroad to Vladivostok, after its last official opening in 1992, were greatly surprised to find all that this city has to offer.
Because of the controversial reputation of a closed city that served as a military base and as a fortress, outsiders believed that barracks primarily occupied Vladivostok.

Beginning with log dwellings for sailors and early explorers in 1860, Vladivostok has grown to become the administrative center of Primorye and the nation's major Pacific Ocean port in the Russian Far East.

It has developed into the region's main political, industrial, scientific, educational, and cultural center. Today, Vladivostok has a population of approximately 700,000.
It is home to the Russian Navy Pacific Fleet, and at the same time to fifteen higher educational establishments, the biggest of which is Far Eastern State University.
The educational facilities here and the many research institutions within the Russian Academy of Sciences also provide this city with distinction.

Vladivostok's geographical location has determined much of the industry here.
Both shipping and fishing are important industries in this region. One of the largest shipyards in the country, "Dal'zavod," is located here.

Vladivostok is growing and developing many connections with other parts of the world.
It has a number of sister cities in different countries: Niigata, Hakodate, and Akita (Japan); Pusan (Korea); Daliang (China); Haiphong (Vietnam); Tacoma, Washington; Juneau, Alaska; San Diego, California (USA).

As the city continues to grow, it faces many challenges, but because of the potential here, Vladivostokians look to the vibrant future with hope.
Come explore the gems of our architecture: the famous Trans-Siberian Terminus building, constructed in the Russian Pattern style, where the last tsar, Nikolai II laid the cornerstone in 1891.
The turn of the century Post Office building, which bears the Byzantine influence; the hotel Versailles in the heart of downtown, with its art nouveau style; the former art nouveau Kunst and Albers Trading House, which also reflects baroque; and many other buildings and structures which bear the cultural heritage of different nations.

There are many monuments within the city representing Vladivostok's short but eventful history. Among these are:

Nevelskoy monument

Modest, yet harmonious, it is the first in the city.

Monument to the Fighters for Soviet Power in the Russian Far East.

A classical monument located in the city's central square.

The Pacific Navy War Glory Memorial

Known for its legendary submarine.

The Seamen Memorial

A solemn tribute to those lost at sea.

Among Vladivostok's many museums and art galleries, are:

The Arseniev Museum of Local Lore

The Children's Picture Gallery

The Art Etage Picture gallery

The State Picture Gallery
This is the oldest in the region, proudly displaying works by Chagall, Roerich, Kandinsky, Repin, Aivazovsky, Borovikovsky, and many others.

Vladivostok features performance arts in its beautiful theaters and concert halls. For example, the
Gorky Theater, the Chamber Theater, the Children's Puppet Theater, and the Theater for Youth perform some of Russia's greatest classics, as well as presentations that are more modern

Experience the many outstanding natural features along the coast, and enjoy the gorgeous views across the spectacular
Golden Horn Bay.