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WILD LIFE WATCHING TOUR (2 DAYS) Don't miss this one!!
...We take this tour to visit Khanka Reserve, home to an astonishing variety of birds. Located on and around Lake Khanka, the reserve gives summer shelter to 350 species of birds. This is not surprising because the lake has the biggest surface area of all lakes on the Asia Pacific continent. It is a shallow lake, with depths not exceeding 30 ft in the deepest spots, but still very rich in fish and other food for water birds. This makes the shores of Lake Khanka ideal for bird watching. Cranes and herons nest at the lake, 12 different species of ducks and other water birds, bittern, woodcock and other species come to Lake Khanka to breed. You will have an opportunity to watch all these rare birds at different times of the day, and hear their morning and nocturnal songs.

Day 1 EARLY MORNING - 8:30 a.m.
After breakfast, we board a bus in the morning for a four-hour trip to the Khanka Lake. We arrive by noon, to meet Khanka Reserve ornithologists who will guide us to the best birdwatching locations for this time of the day. Guides will help you see the most elusive rare species without disrupting the birds' daily lives. The guides will ask you not to wander from the path they select, because some of the birds nesting in the Khanka area are endangered species.
AFTERNOON - 2:30 p.m.
After a morning of birdwatching, we have a picnic lunch in a glade which will include typical russian fare, afterwards we drive back to the Khanka Reserve.
EVENING - 6:00 p.m.
Our birdwatching guides will show us other species that are active at night-time. We will hear the chilling voice of bittern and other species, some of which are almost exclusively found at Lake Khanka at this time of the year. We take a typical countryside dinner of wholesome and nutritious food.
OVERNIGHT - Accommodation is available in rustic, but well appointed cabins at Khanka Reserve with russian-style sauna (banya included) or at a hotel in the nearby town of Spassk.
Day 2 EARLY MORNING - 6 a.m.
After a light breakfast, we go back to Khanka Lake to see and hear birds at the break of day. Our guides will show you the species which are most visible at or just after dawn. You will have to rise early to make the most of this opportunity. It is amazing how the last cries of night-time birds die away, only to make room for the sounds of morning birds waking up to greet the rising sun.
We enjoy a lunch of typical Russian country fare, such as borsch cabbage soup, pelmeni etc. before we start on our ride back to Vladivostok.

interpreter guide
reserve entrance fee
1 night accommdation on the tour
ornitholigist guide
Prices starting from $325
*Group Discounts Available