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We have several tours to offer, around the city of Vladivostok. These are of varying durations. We can tailor anyone of a number to suit the individual or group according to their time constraints and budget. Call or write us for your custom tour.

Literally translated from Russian as “to rule the East,” Vladivostok has grown since 1860 into the administrative center of Primorye and the nation's major Pacific Ocean port. Home to a rich and turbulent history and a closed city for many years, Vladivostok opened its gates again to tourists in 1992 after the breakup of USSR. The first foreign visitors were surprised to see a very nice city and not just the military base with barracks as it had been perceived by the outside world. Today, Vladivostok is a city of 700,000 people and a major political, industrial, scientific, educational, and cultural center of Russia.
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The Vladivostok railway station deserves special attention.
17th-century architecture is carefully preserved and continues to serve the 9302-kilometer Trans-Siberian Railroad. Here you will have a chance to see the milestone symbolizing the beginning of the Trans-Siberian Railroad with the inscription: “Here is the terminus of the Great Trans-Siberian Railroad. Distance to Moscow is 5771 miles.” The station was visited and “christened” by the last Russian Imperator Nikolai II in 1891. Next to the railway station there is a passenger and cargo sea terminal. The nearby square is considered the birthplace of the city, founded 150 years ago.

The Central Square of the City. It is the site of all major public holiday celebrations with its main landmark - the memorial complex dedicated to "Fighters for the Soviet Power in the Russian Far East in 1917 - 1922." It is an ensemble of three sculptures symbolizing the Red Army, the Revolution of 1905-1907, and the Partisans of Primorye. Here you will also see the Regional Administration and the local government buildings.

Svetlanskaya Street is one of Vladivostok's oldest and main streets. It is home to the recently restored family home of Oscar-winner, actor Yul Brynner, who was a native of Vladivostok; Also a classic 19th century German-built merchandise center, which still serves as the city’s principal department store (GUM);

Pushkinskaya Street has many impressive pre-revolutionary buildings (many of them being restored) that serve as foreign consulates commercial offices, scientific centers (the Russian Academy of Science, Far East Division) and academic institutions (Far East State University, the oldest university in the Russian Far East, celebrating its 100th anniversary in 1999).

A.K. Arseniev Regional Museum has a broad collection related to history of the region, natives and people of Vladivostok.

C-56 submarine museum, an actual WWII sub that sank 10 enemy ships.

The Marine Cemetery features much of Vladivostok’s turbulent history reflected amongst the monuments and graves of leading citizens and the veterans of the Russian-Japanese war of 1904-05 and subsequent conflicts - Civil War, Khasan border dispute, WWII, Korea and Afghanistan. You will also see graves of American, British, Canadian, French and Japanese forces involved in these struggles.

St. Nikole Russian Orthodox church is the city's symbol and memorial built to honor seamen and ships lost during the 1905 Russian-Japanese war.

Egersheld Observation Point is best site to view the cityscape from a major lighthouse.
Sunset over Golden Horn Bay
Izbushka Cafe
Birch Forest near Khanka
Forest Fog at Dawn
Vladivostok Fortress
Near Lake Khanka